There are 2 distinct ways of pronouncing “cc” in English words. Usually this occurs in the middle of words.


1.   CC = /k/ (single /k/ sound)

Here, CC is pronounced as a single /k/ sound.

Letter groups that end with “a“, “o” and “u” are pronounced this way. 

  • Occasion
  • Broccoli
  • Accumulate

Letter groups that end with a consonant are pronounced this way as well

  • Accrue
  • Acclaimed
  • Disaccharide
2.   CC = /kˈs/ (/k/ followed by /s/)

Here, the CC is split into two sounds: the first C is pronounced as a /k/, and the second C is pronounced as an /s/.

Letter groups that end with “e” and “i” are pronounced this way.​

  • Succeed
  • Accent
  • Vaccine

The letter group ending with “y” is also pronounced this way, although this is rare.

  • Coccyx

Exceptions to this rule are certain words of Italian origin. “CC” are pronounced as /tʃi/ here.

  • Cappuccino 
  • Fettuccine
  • Cacciatore

Although you can say “gnocchi” (/ˈnjɒk.i/) with a single k consonant sound. 

Original posts: 2 October 2018